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House of Shades & Shadows

"We want a home for generations to come," the client said.


 A home is a reflection of you. The narrative and the story of House of Shades and Shadows start interestingly with the site based in Abu Dhabi, a challenging corner plot. A bungalow that is home to kids needed to cut down on the hustle-bustle of the road while ensuring a balance of natural and sustainable design. With small openings and a 'jaali' element, we created a home that allows warm rays of the sun and a cool breezy environment throughout the plot area.  Indeed, it is a house that is a fusion of old wisdom and modern minimalism. 

Read more to find out more about the space. 

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Science Learning Center

One of our best projects as of yet. The highly contoured site proved to be very challenging; however, after careful analysis, we realized this could be a great opportunity to allow visitors to explore on foot. 


Utilizing the existing greenery, we strategically created a narrow service road to facilitate servicing. While all other areas were carefully planned as per spatial characteristics. Spaces progressed in order of learning in humans: seeing, reading, and hearing. 


This was a National award-winning architecture and design project by EXS Design.

Explore more about the project. 

Ajman Bank Wealth Management

"We need to break away from our existing face to create a separate identity catering to wealth management customers," the client said. 


Our client believes that wealth management spaces need to be elite and homely. Along with a commercial feel to the space, the client wanted the space to radiate sophistication, functionality, and aesthetics. From gentle hues of grey and warm browns, we created a space that is the epitome of grace and embodies the brand's true values of sophistication, trust, and loyalty. 

Embark on a visual journey and explore how we transformed this space into a high-class, yet homely commercial space. 

You + Baby Studio

“I want to create a bespoke experience for my clientele,” said the client.

The photo studio needed to be transformed into an epitome of elegance and grace while entailing all things baby!


We began with carving out 2 studios - newborn and maternity spaces while maintaining independent access for washrooms, providing ample storage and impressive reception space.

Brushed gold accents, rustic tiles, blush pink, and different shades of grey were then used to bring the spaces to life. Also, beautiful pictures clicked by skilled photographers did rest of the job for us.

Feel the studio and explore the transformation. 


Real Estate Office

The entire office design is centered on two basic principles: flexibility and aesthetics. The two principles align to match modern Dubai and help enforce their brand identity through eye-pleasing design and interiors. 

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Client testimonials

"Thank you for the wonderful work: your design, its aesthetic appeal and the accuracy of your presentations are very impressive.
We are glad to have associated with you and look forward to availing your expertise in the future.
Thanks and best wishes"

-Mr. Jaydev

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