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"I dont divide Architecture, Landscape & Interiors. To me, they are one"
-Luis Barragan.

As a firm believer in these words, we offer integrated design solutions in architecture, interiors & landscape. We believe in the idea of good design being a service for the betterment of society. With the ever-growing and encouraging market in UAE, we understand that spaces need to reflect brand identities. Hence, every project of ours is a story waiting to be told. We grow with the initiatives we take, inspire others through our failures and successes, and learn by demonstrating something to others. 
Each of our Architecture & Interior Design projects is churned in a way considering the well-being of everyone involved. Our concepts are firmly rooted in principles of context, clarity & creativity. Each of our projects across Dubai and other cities aligns with UAE's ideologies of sustainability, advancement, flexibility, and aesthetics.

With EXS Design, you will surely be able to bring out the originality in your brand and its space. Let's bring your brand to life with spaces that are original, flexible, and aesthetic. 

About Us
What We Do


The site, client aspirations, and financial viability all form an integrated context of the project. We strive to get a clear context at the initial stage. Out-of-the-box solutions are then just a by-product of these processes which gradually culminate together to deliver a great architectural experience.

At EXS Design, we cover everything from architecture to fitouts regardless of the business size and sector. 



Our hours and years of practice culminate together to take a unique vision to reality. Spaces are envisaged in such that they are an extension of the outdoors with lots of light and warmth. Hence, with our values of sustainability, transparency, and inclusivity, EXS Design helps create and design spaces that consider everyone's wellbeing.
With EXS Design, you will be creating an appealing space for everyone.



At EXS, we believe in the power of mentorship and contributing to the profession and society by sharing our knowledge. We also conduct workshops for people outside the design community to educate them about the nuances involved and empower them to design their own spaces. 

EXS Design is an award-winning architecture and interior design company that believes that getting to know design is essential to design. 

Why Choose Us

Ethical Business Practices

EXS Design believes in offering maximum value to everyone involved in the design process. We ensure that we carefully follow all ethical practices, maintain transparency and offer the best to all stakeholders. Hence, you will never find us charging mark-ups, margins, or hidden costs. One of the key reasons to choose us, we love and advocate morals, values, and ethics. 

Sustainable Practices

At EXS Design, we believe sustainable architecture is nothing but sensible architecture. Our site analysis and design process are carried out in such a way that we always consider retaining and enhancing natural elements which are why we are loved and appreciated by various media houses. Have a look at one of our award-winning sustainable projects here.

End-to-End Service Provider 

EXS Design is led by the award-winning, Piyusha Bokil, who believes that mentorship and awareness of design are essential to give back to society. Therefore, EXS Design is not only an architecture and design company in UAE, but it also offers coaching, workshops, and programs that help design enthusiasts find their muse and embark on a design journey. 

Who We Are
EXS Design-Piyusha Bokil

Piyusha Bokil

Design Partner

Tel: +971505141167


Neha Marathe


Vcmclicks EXS Head shots-5.JPG

Swapnali Mhatre

Senior Architect & Urban planner


Akshata Ramakrishnan

EXS Design-Sachin Pol

Sachin Pol

3D Visualizer

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