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Villa entrance

House of Shades & Shadows

Building a home that suits every generation is a dream for many. However, with evolving nature of modern technology and aesthetic standards, designing and building a home becomes a challenge. We understand the need to create a space that all generations will love; a space that can help them connect with loved ones while offering them privacy and space. 
The client requested a transformation of the house that is a fusion of traditional grounds and modern minimalism; a home for generations to come. At the same time, they wanted their children to be able to enjoy it while keeping an eye on them.
The site based in Abu Dhabi was a corner one. We decided to plan the access away from the hustle-bustle of the main road. Also, we were mindful of the challenges of a future expansion project involving mainly the lack of correlation between the old and new. To solve this, we came up with a grid and rotated it diagonal to maximize the plot utility.
As simple as it may sound, the grid started becoming too restrictive and so we overlayed another one. Voila! We were now close to the perfect outdoor open space proportion. 
All throughout, we kept in mind the key visual connectivity between the parents and kids. An overlooking balcony from the master bedroom allowed them to keep an eye on the kids' room balcony below, while, another balcony from the master suite overlooked the shaded C-shaped courtyard.

Sustainable design is ingrained in our philosophy; therefore, we planned the pool and entrance feature strategically to have a light, cooling breeze throughout the house with a large ‘jaali’ (net) element.
This house was, thus, envisioned as ‘a canvas for living’. With settings aiding in highlighting large identity elements and avoiding visual clutter, this home was designed to ‘grow’ along with the people living in it.

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