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Ajman wealth RM office

Ajman Wealth Elite Banking Center

"We need to break away from our existing face to create a separate identity catering to wealth management customers," said the client.

Our client believes that wealth management spaces need to be elite and homely. Along with a commercial feel to the space, the client wanted the space to radiate sophistication, functionality, and aesthetic. 

Steering away from the traditional feel of commercial spaces, we explored a dark-on-dark palette for this project. Hues of subtle greys, a wooden, solid, earthy brown paired with golden yellow were used to create an opulent feel. Brown exudes warmth, security, and magnificence; a look that matches the purpose of the brand. Indeed, it was a challenging but fun palette to create elite interiors.

A simple space planning exercise was done to allocate enough waiting lounge as well as create an interesting interior signage wall. The wall also created a buffer to RM rooms; thus, solving a dual purpose.

Embark on a visual journey and explore how we transformed this space into a high-class, yet homely, commercial space. 

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