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Khalifa house design

Khalifa House

A little storytime! This homeowner met us in a very unexpected way. We were meeting an existing client at a bank and he happened to be there as we took pictures of the space. 'Can you also do residential,' he asked. We went on to explain how we were equipped to take on any interior project. However, he didn't seem convinced that his space had any potential at all.

"I am going to get married and I need to somehow merge a few rooms and create a respite for myself within my parents' villa," he went on to add.
We did a visit to his house and we talked about his liking, his work, his daily routine, and very little about the design. It was important we understand his personality so we can reflect his nature and blend it with day-to-day functionality as we transform his space. 

He was about to start a new journey with a partner in his life so it only made sense to infuse calming tones, feminine artwork, and glass lights to add romance and grace. Ofcourse, with a partner, one is always looking to ensure that each has their own space. Hence, we also demolished all the walls and built wardrobe walls to house the large storage demand. The trickiest part of this project was where to draw the line between public and private areas of the space. However, we worked around all that on with curved sofas, elegant entryway, hidden access to the washroom through wardrobe spaces.

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