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First Steps: Insights and Lessons into Architecture.

Talking about my internship experience at EXS Design.

24/05/24 By Nilangi Prakash


This past summer, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at EXS Design in Dubai, where their scope of work varies from residential, commercial and F&B projects.  As an aspiring designer, I was eager to immerse myself in a professional environment and gain hands-on experience in the field which results in very different exposure and lessons.

Internships are a crucial component of a designers’ education. Its also the first time you realize how big of gap it is between theory and practical designing. They provide a platform to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings.

During my internship at EXS Design, I was involved in various stages, from initial brainstorming sessions to modelling and presentation processes. This experience was invaluable in honing my skills and understanding the practical aspects of design.

Also, as a design student, I am always eager to learn new software. In the 4 months I spent at EXS design, I was introduced to Revit for designing and detailing. Learning new software is always challenging but also very rewarding as it also made working on future projects so much easier.

Let me take a moment to highlight some of the projects I had the opportunity to collaborate on.

During my internship I was part of teams working on high-rise buildings and F&B projects. The first week of my internship I was working on 3d modelling for a kids’ space, which gave me an opportunity to ease into the office work style while simultaneously understanding the details that went into designing such a space.

One of the key projects I worked on during my internship was the facade design for a mixed-use high-rise building. This task involved creating a visually appealing and functional exterior that met both aesthetic and environmental requirements. This project not only honed my technical skills but also deepened my understanding of the intricate balance between form, function, and materials in architectural design.

Working on the actual plans, 3Ds and details of spaces that will be built is a great opportunity to understand how the process works. Especially for F&B projects, which I did not have experience in, it was interesting to understand and learn the various elements that went into creating such a functional and aesthetical space.

I also had the opportunity to work closely with experienced designers and architects who were willing to share their expertise and mentorship, creating a supportive atmosphere where everyone's contributions were valued. This positive work culture not only enhanced my professional development but also made every day at the office an enjoyable experience.

From minor changes and clients’ wishes to communication and interaction I have come to understand how many steps back and forth, changes, meetings, time, processes, individuals are part of the design process. That also teaches you a lot about how important team collaboration and coordination is for the completion and execution of design.

For me, those 4 months of internship were the first taste of the real design world. Even with

the short period, I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of EXS Design.

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