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Kids Club
Jebel Ali Golf Resort

Located in Jebel Ali, the kids club in Jebel Ali Gold Resort, was situated in prime location offering luxurious and relaxing feel. The site was an interesting space occupied by a standalone structure with views of the waters and greenery. It is abundant in wildlife and has a leisurely, relaxed feel to the resort. 

The existing structure is well designed but for other activities, it calls for a fresh new look befitting the position it occupies within the resort. Kids spaces are always fun but challenging to realize as the occupants need special attention right from the design stage.

The surrounding greenery and interesting vistas were a starting point for our thought process along with following key pointers for kids spaces:

  • Colors, patterns and textures

  • Proper illumination

  • Spatial organization

  • Flexible interiors

  • Visual accessibility

  • Integrated green

  • Safety and security

Considering these points, we created a space that blends with the surrounding greenery while offering kids a space that they can enjoy. 

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