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Trending Interior Design Styles

Bored with your home's interior or want to infuse a new vibe in your corporate space but are not sure what would be the right step and style? Well, the good news is your home or office interiors totally depend on what you like and what makes it a happy environment.

With the interior design market evolving, many different interior design styles are trending nowadays. It is no longer about picking and sticking to one style; you can pick a combination of multiple styles to elevate your space.

Let us walk you through some of the most trending and everlasting interior design styles in 2023.

Top Interior Design Styles For You

Although interior design depends on your space and taste, you can customize a new combination to make your inner space more vibrant and exquisite. You might find a lot of interior designs with different color schemes and textures, but the most trending ones nowadays include the following:

Vintage Touch

Spread some nostalgic vibe into your interiors with a vintage look. Add rich fabric, bright shades, and antique furniture making your space look warmer and cozier. Vintage interior design includes huge comfortable furniture covered in heavy and embroidered linens with floral patterns and a balanced color palette.

Scandinavian Style

If you are into a subtle and sophisticated interior look that compliments all your themes and can easily be upgraded with other styles, then the Scandinavian interior design will suit you. This interior style includes nude shades with simplistic and compact furniture, plain linens, and cotton sheets or curtains, giving a natural and low-key vibe. The Scandinavian style will make the interior look spacious, breathable, pure, and peaceful.

There are fewer decorative pieces and add-on accessories in this style, although you can always blend in more bright shades, metallic lamps, or art pieces to add some extra sleekness.

Tropical Feel

Bring the tropical feel and nature indoors! Tropical interior style includes calming colors, painting, white flowy curtains, vibrant cushions, and linen to give the true energy of the massive water body, making you feel calm and comfy inside.

The theme focuses on nature-based colors and décor: flowers, trees, and a splash of bright pinks, blues, and purple to give you the jungle or beach ambiance. The furniture is simple wooden-based, with the use of bamboo items and tropical bed linens and wallpapers that amp up the styling.

Bohemian Taste

Now for the lively hearts full of energy, why not reflect your zest in your space? Boho or Bohemian style is full of bright colors and sparkly décor, making your interior look like a celebration is going on: full of colors, smiles, and pumping passion. It is a tribute to the rebellious artist who wants to blend the colors of life into the art and décor. This style combines multiple interior designs, resulting in a unique outlook depicting your thoughts and liking.

You can add in handmade décor, bright linens, colorful cushions, and a mix and match of furniture and couches. Bohemian interior style varies from each homeowner, and you can create an entirely personalized look of your own.

Transitional Outlook

For those who like the old royal look from the 80s with a blend of modern furniture and décor in their interiors transitional interior style is ideal. It is the best of both worlds! Mixing the massive comfy furniture with white and metallic color plates, antique paintings, and sleek glass table transitional style will create a traditional plus modern vibe in your space.

Cozy, comfy, or classic - make your home reflect your inner feelings.

Many other interior design styles throw in some color and feel to your homes. Mix the bright colors with the minimalistic look, or try an industrial feel in your studio apartments to make them look cool and sleek. The options are endless.

The key to having appealing yet comforting interiors is to pick the right colors, textures, and correct blending of elements to create a final look. For such passionate projects, you need someone who can look beyond the paper plan and devise a customized interior design for your home and offices that complement your building and make you feel rested and at peace simultaneously.

At EXS Designs, we have a team of super creative minds that will alleviate your space, enhance your interior vibe and amplify the happy energy in your homes.

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