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The Role of Interior Architects

The first picture that pops when you hear the words interior architect is someone setting up the furniture, choosing the cushions, or picking out the wall colors however interior architects play a totally different role in society. An interior architect focuses on the architecture of the internal building: where the beams should be, where a window would look good, how the ceiling should be, or what is the perfect way to make the kitchen spacious and beautiful.

While an interior designer is responsible for decorating and furnishing the space to give it an aesthetic and appealing look, interior architects ensure your building, space or home has nature's inlet while proving to be functional, aesthetic, and comfortable.

How does an interior architect differ from an interior designer?

An interior architect devises a building or a space's layout and internal construction plan. They work closely with the team to finalize the ideal materials, and textures of walls and floorings as per the building's health regulations. They work with the architect during construction to implement the interiors as per plan, create the building’s internal layout, and supervise the construction and finishing domains.

While interior designers also design the interior space, their area of expertise is limited to the selection of paint, furniture, decoration, and other aesthetics of the space. An interior designer has a small-scale contribution, while an interior architect handles large-scale projects.

Thus, an interior designer works under an interior architect and helps them implement the interiors as the plan and recommends furniture and other items accordingly. Usually, an interior architect works on more significant aspects of a project.

What falls under the work domain of an interior architect?

The layout, planning, and supervision of the internal construction of a building and taking care of permits, etc. related to that are all the works of an interior architect. The working span of an interior architect covers the following:

● Meeting with clients and discussing the plan and incorporating their requirements

● Site visit measurements and health checks

● Taking permits and licenses from authorities

● Making the space plan, lighting layout, and materials for interior design

● Coordinating with the engineers and architects constructing the building or space

● Handling all the paperwork and supervising the internal construction

● Certifying that all safety guidelines are met during the process.

● Designing optimal plans for the space, utilizing each portion to the fullest and within budget.

Interior architects usually devise the plan and layout for air and light channels and distribution of spaces when the engineer formulates a building plan or when the architectural drawings are made.

How to become an interior architect?

Interior architecture is another exciting field for people who love designing and drawing. You need to earn a civil or urban engineering degree or do architecture specializing in interior design and planning.

There are additional courses you can take to learn interior architectural planning. Once you get the degree in this field, you need to get work experience with internships or trainee programs.

After availing primary experience, you can apply for a permit and work license from the authorities. Along with gaining a license, try to join interior designers' organizations such as the RIBA, American interior designs society, or Interior Designer Association to build contacts and get hands-on projects to showcase your skills and build a portfolio.

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