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Prima Gold
Dubai Mall, UAE

Dubai Mall is not only a  prime tourist location in UAE but it is also the residents' go-to mall when they need the ultimate luxurious shopping dining and entertainment experience. Hence, the mall itself is a gorgeous example of elite architecture and luxe interiors. Each outlet is better than the other with elegant branding and appealing interiors. In order to match the high-end standards of Dubai Mall, we envisioned Prime Gold's store to be a luxurious outlet that draws in clients and retains elegance.

Since the niche was of an outlet that draws high-end clients, the space needed to tell the story of the brand. The story needed to be the ultimate royal affair to match the products that it will house. 
We leaned towards shades of delicate browns and subtle gold to add that royal touch. With a large boat-shaped signature displayed in the center and vertical display shelving, we ensured it was spacious and minimally elegant. It was planned in such a way that offices and staff areas were carefully accessible behind concealed doors towards the end of the store. Finally, with a crystal clear glass storefront and a visible chandelier, the space was ready to showcase its timeless designs.  

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