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Piyusha Bokil's profile on Garje Marathi

Architecture + Interior Design + Landscape independent consultant


Architecture & Interior design professional with over a decade of experience in handling projects across various typologies over the past decade. A passionate designer whose multi-level thought process &detail oriented innovation has resulted in several awards in Architecture, Landscape, Planning & Interior Design. She has distinct creative problem solving abilities & extensive experience to see projects through from the first line to the last; from the drawing board, to the construction site.

She has also actively mentored design aspirants to choose their fields & trained some for entrance exams as she believes in the role of foundational education for industry development.

She is currently actively involved in exciting projects as Design partner with Ex serviceman enterprises& believes in the idea of good design being a service for betterment of society.

‘We shape our buildings,thereafter they shape us’-Winston Churchill.


Born in 1991 to parents who always believed in the power of good education for a better life.

Along with studies; my fond childhood memories comprised of extracurricular activities like classical dancing,singing, music lessons, wining many drawing competitions at local as well as state level in Maharashtra. She was the lead actor for consecutive years in Firodiya karandak & has great respect, love for all kind of arts.

Her father Ashok Taware is a retired agricultural engineer &he currently runs a shop with mother Jayashree. Her sister is a landscape architect & is a full time teacher at a private college.

Her husband Rutwij Bokil holds the position of general manager with La Marquise international in Dubai. His parents have illustrious careers as well, Mahesh Bokil is a trusted real estate entrepreneur whereas Trishna Bokil is assistant registrar at a private architecture college in Pune.

Her husband & family have been by her side in whatever she has achieved so far. Together, they try to give back something to the society through sharing of skills and knowledge as a company & as individuals.


Every project is a story waiting to be told; & our life stories become intertwined with it. We grow with the initiatives we take, inspire others through our failures & successes, and learn by demonstrating something to others.

Piyusha, aged 30-Design consultant-interiors, architecture & landscape, is a firm believer in these words.

Her love for the built form sparked during visits to design studios back home, in India. The more she learnt, the more intrigued she was in her early school years. During architecture school, Piyusha showed immense caliber in the design subject & graduated successfully with a gold medal from the Pune University in 2012.

Early milestone was achieved with an award from NDTV for the best design of the year to her innovative project-Exploratory science learning centre in 2013.The award was received at a national level & instilled confidence in her to excel in the professional field.

After a brief stint as junior architect at Design Concepts,Dubai; where she was appreciated for her sincerity & hard work on mall projects, she joined Plural architecture & Designs in 2013.Wherein, opportunities came to apply& test different design ideologies from paper to site on largely high end residential, healthcare& commercial hospitality projects.

As her role grew & she got involved in handing projects individually, conversing with clients, understanding efficient use of resources, she self-learnt various software tools & taught them to the team to boost productivity at the workplace-gaining the teams respect & also clients trust for timely delivery of projects. While doing so she attempted to keep the design crux intact while handling complex projects as efficiently as possible.For this, she also received immense appreciation from the management & her clients.

The healthcare projects she worked on were nominated for MENA region healthcare awards.

She was also invited by DYPSOA, Pune to talk about her architectural projects & mentor the students there.This inspired her to teach during the weekends for architectural entrance exams & software training.Success, for her,is in her students getting admissions in their desired colleges & successfully using design tools for their projects& she continues to teach & mentor in parallel to her ongoing practice.

Five years later, she moved on to join U+A-a well-known international firm as Project Architect. She worked on projects with eminent developers like Emaar, Damac ,Meeras contributing to the changing skyline of Dubai.Her portfolio included retail centre,women & children welfare centre,mixed use development at creek harbour, Master planning & Villa communities in Dubai Hills, Master planning with focus on community centres at Arabian Ranches III.Opportunities at U+A also included contributions for Expo 2020 pavilions.

She is currently involved in expanding the Architecture, Interior & Landscape design portfolio as Design Partner globally with Ex Serviceman Enterprises.Ex Serviceman Enterprises was formed with the vision that any form of professional service (A to Z Services) can be delivered with integrity &efficiency. The company believes in combining creativity with logic, competence with quality and cost with satisfaction. The company has established its strong hold in the competitive market for real estate over the last 15 years with its base in Pune.


Piyusha enjoys collaborative working to achieve creative results & loves solving puzzles that construction projects are all about.She brings to the table sound technical knowledge,innovation in design & good overall understanding of the processes & resources. Her project stories generally start with a strong concept & multi-level thought process involving solutions that create something meaningful-functionally & aesthetically. Each detail is then a contribution to making the final product a manifestation of the enhanced original idea. She believes, the design process although complex needs to be first simplified in the mind &then the story unravels itself flawlessly.

It does not matter if the subject that needs to be designed is a building,land,furniture or an accessory, the aspect of storytelling is something that will always excite & motivate her to keep doing better.

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