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Awards are just the icing on the cake

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Being part of a revolutionary group in early college years after school, We were students trying to propose an alternative curriculum based on scientific learning-asking the WHY, HOW? to everything rather than just accepting as is. We wanted to bring decision makers who encouraged each student to nurture their aptitude & go for a field which they like & not the largely accepted medical, engineering fields.

Although we couldn’t pull it through, we carried its ideology on a live project in architecture thesis. This project not only won the NDTV national level award in architecture, but also appreciation

from National Chemical Laboratories-the institute whose site this is & we look forward to build it soon.

The whole experience of researching how people learn with spaces, researching sustainability, green materials, studying geometry in nature & applying it on the highly contoured site was extremely


We thank our family, mentors & friends who were with us on this project journey . It remains as an example to us that success is sure to follow if you put in work with your heart & soul.

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