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Modern Architecture Trends for Office Spaces

With the minimalistic approach going into hype and a more connected work environment, the internal architecture of office spaces has evolved drastically. Long gone are the days of private cabins and walled cubicles, keeping everyone disconnected and immersed in their work.

Offices are becoming a more homely and welcoming vibe, with no permanent sitting spots or rooms. There has been a shift into discussion rooms, glass-walled conference rooms, lounge areas, and such open concepts so that employees can work in a team and enjoy their working hours.

The increasing prices of lease and rent in Dubai have also encouraged this change where making a smaller space look big and accommodating more people without looking packed is the crucial goal. Here are some of the best modern architecture trends for office spaces:

Shifting away from a big personal room concept.

In the modern office architectural design, there is a big NO for big private rooms or cubicles that cut the other employees out. Now the trend is for a connected space where everyone can communicate with their coworkers and discuss details on a project without having to call or send a written note. Also, this promotes better collaboration on projects, and people feel more comfortable with their leads when they sit near or with them.

Moreover, this gives a better look to the office, and more employees can fit into a smaller portion, thus cutting out the renting or lease cost to the business

Shared spaces

Creating a shared space with no specified rooms for anyone makes the office design far more sustainable and cost-friendly. Multiple departments can use a glass conference room, or workers can sit with their laptops and desks without a problem. This makes them feel at ease and can work flexibly from any corner of the office where they like. This reduces the clutter, and the office space looks roomier and more organized with fewer computers or machinery at each desk.

Blend technology with internal space

Using the walls and pillars for smart boards and schedule displays benefits the environment and makes the office look more advanced and appealing. The use of bright colors and excellent graphics running on the led screen pumps up the vibe of office spaces.

Wireless chargers, energy sockets at each desk, and electric outlets at each corner make working easier and faster. People can access planners, charge their phones, or perform a laptop anywhere without waiting long.

Enhance natural light and greenery

People with jobs barely have time to appreciate nature and often do not have time to step out much. For better health and performance of the employees integrating indoor plants, creating windows and natural light inlets will work wonders on our office ambiance.

The designs not only look appealing and warm but are remarkable in elevating the employees' energy and mood. They help employees feel more connected and peaceful in their workspace.

Recreational spaces and resting lounges

Another notable office architecture trend is to create recreational activity space within the office. Space concepts of chat lounges and resting rooms are now becoming a trend to offer employees some time to break away from work and screens.

A small café setup, a peaceful music room, or a reading space will be a great addition to any office space.

Combine branding elements and textures

One of the key elements and architecture trends for office spaces is integrating all branding elements in your office interior and architecture. Wooden panels, textured walls, and lit signages are some of the best ways to enhance interiors and give an office space an aesthetic look.

Create a sustainable and attractive office space.

It is important to make your office space more appealing and modern with proper distribution of areas and passages for air and natural light. For the best office architecture in UAE or Dubai, contact EXSDESIGN, and our interior architects will make your boring office look warm and happening.

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