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Lets Go Cafe
Al-Nasr Sports Complex, Dubai 

Lets Go Cafe, as the name suggests, is a Grab & Go concept located amidst a sports complex. Just like every grab & go concept, this cafe too aimed to attract a maximum crowd who spends ample time at the sports complex and cater to their needs. Often, we ourselves, expect such cafes to be quick at service and provide an ambiance where one can simply chill after a sporty session. 
Keeping in mind such requirements, we considered the surrounding greenery and the sporty vibe when transforming this space. In order to to be able to cater to big crowds when needed and create a working space that ensures quick service, we drove ourselves towards a clean, simple space with flexible interiors. 
With the proper illumination, we also integrated greens for a natural vibe and align with the sporty vibe that is present within the complex. Dark tiles were used in the kitchen area to add dept while decent light tiles were used in the main area to allow for the flooring to be suitable for football shoes and sports equipment. 

Paired with sleek interiors, Lets Go Cafe was ready to serve sports enthusiasts in style!


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