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Indian Home Design

Smaller spaces need bigger ideas. This integrated apartment design took inspiration from the past of Maharashtra and combined it with details that are contemporary. The result was an elegant apartment for a young couple proud of their roots.

To avoid compartmentalization, a wall was removed strategically to open out the apartment thus distributing spatial functions evenly adding a nice corner for a decent study. Visual connectivity was held as one of the key concepts in formulating the design. Connectivity was well thought out and spaces were designed to be well lit, functional and creative.

Private space i.e bedroom was more compact and hence required maximum efficiency. Doubly usable partition wall in the bedroom is the highlight of the space and an example of how partitions are created to be functional without cutting off light and ventilation.

In addition to the aesthetics, joinery details were paid special attention to as they added to the beauty of the house and played an important role in daily operations for the residents. Minimal materials were selected and composed to make maximum impact. The materials were selected to give a warm, tropical minimalism to this comfortable adobe in Pune.

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