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Fetouna Women's Salon

Beauty salons are meant to be a space that reflects ideologies of wellness and self-care; they are place where women can feel calm and unwind. Abir, our client and owner of Fetouna, wanted a space that is simple, minimal and elegant. She wanted the space to be a go-to beauty salon for every women in the area.

Located on the main Hessa St in Al Barsha, this 80 sqm salon needed to be spacious, elegant and welcoming. We got a frantic call from her one weekend; she was facing a lot of issues with her selected interior works company.

So we got to work immediately; we started by reviewing the BOQ and advised on cost-effective design suggestions while maintaining majority of the existing ceiling. We reconfigured the reception with elegant mint-green walls and marbled tables while redesigning ample storage.

Mint green, gray were colors of choice by the client and we decided to inject some warm tones to make it warm and comfortable for the women who visit the salon. What's more, we integrated fluted wood panels to add to the elegance!

Despite the small space, we can proudly say it never becomes too crowded even with 15 people inside! We ensure the space was utilized with vertical mirrors and sleek interiors to accommodate enough people. 

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