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EXS Design has won the NDTV Award Winning Project led by Piyusha Bokil. The project was on a highly contoured site of NCL which provided many challenges - a major one being access on the narrow side. This created a limitation to number of entrance points. 

The building form needed to be fragmented in order to achieve site sustainability - the wealth of old trees on site and minimum slope excavation needed to be considered. All the onsite features were to be maintained and addressed.
We started looking at a design concept which satisfies all of the criteria's formulated after thorough research and study.
The concept should aid in site sustainability which is also one of EXS Design ethos. 

To summarize, we successfully integrated our core concept to achieve not only pleasing architecture but also practical as the campus could be built in phases without disturbing aesthetics. 

With our focus to sustainability and considering the purpose of the building, EXS Design strategically designed a space that would serve as a interesting science park which is what turned this into an NDTV Award winning project. 

Scroll down to see the actual project. 

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