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Chick 'n' Crunch Cafe
Al Ain, UAE

As the name suggests, this F&B concept was surely fun fast food. However, we knew this crunchy chicken concept needed something fresh, head-turning, and attractive; it needed to be different yet tie with the Arabic origin that it held. Also, since the location held many local visitors, we needed to make sure their roots and desert vibes were reflected through the careful pairing of colors and interiors. 
Hence, we looked at desert farms for inspiration. Rustic elements with modern sophistication then became our drivers for the design. We created a welcoming entrance with lit signage in Arabic and glass panel entrances and divisions to add a touch of openness while providing functionality. 
The narrow volume needed a spatial break. Hence we created a ‘box’ of the glossy orange brand color and matte browns to create a contrast that was appealing to both locals and the expat audiences. Additionally, modern interiors were used smartly to create a sophisticated brand identity. 

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