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Acorn strategy office

Acorn Strategy Office
Dubai, UAE

The office is envisioned to be an extension of the brand philosophies. The brand manual speaks of integrated aesthetics with a cool color palette and warm accents. Therefore, it only made sense that we ensure the space speaks the brand.
We used the colors to their optimum to create defined zones. The office needed to be flexible and we propagated flexibility in all aspects of design and interiors.

Acorn's brand sensibility of starting small but growing like a tree can be reflected in the design. We look for decor in line with their principles of forward-thinking, agility, and collaboration. Infusing greenery as signs of growth and aligning modern colors of blue and white, we created a space that entails their identity. Additionally, with sleek and minimal furniture we created a space that is functional for all. We ended with great graphics to tie the space together. 

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