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The Scaffolding

It was a hole in the ground;like the Burj Khalifa standing next to it had been uprooted & rammed inwards in the earth.A hole deep enough to hide the raw construction from surrounding luxury & comfort.The hole was an antithesis to the shiny buildings & happy people around it.

But construction cannot start without containing nature.Something was needed to contain the soil around the deep dent in the earth.Walls-so high that the people in the hole could not know of another world around it.Like some frogs in a well.The scaffolding was put in,nature contained & construction began.

I thought to myself,these temporary walls are the reason we could begin something new.Our mind is also like this flowing earth that needs to be contained from time to time to proceed afresh.Thoughts should be allowed to flow freely,but not when there are more pressing matters at hand.The contained mind is as important as the free flowing one.The scaffolding of discipline and routine needs to be applied for sometime and also needs to be removed in order to proceed with something new.

Scaffolding needed in construction is expensive & installing,removing it is time taking;so it is with my mind.Technology has made scaffolding easier;But what about my mind?

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