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Every medical centre aims to cater to patients in a healthy, maintained and aestheticaly appealing environment. The clinic located in a mixed-use tower is no exception. Healthcare facilities need architecture and interiors that provide their patients with coziness as well as fulfilling their vital needs. 

With this medical center, well-lit spaces due to L-shaped plan configuration and large windows are a bonus and served as a great starting point. 

The colours proposed were white, blue and a touch of wood which were inspired from the need to make the space look airy, light and cheerful. These colors entail  feelings of happiness in the patients and sooth thier worries hence we made sure there was just he right balance of aesthetics and functionality. 

Clean. modern, geometric and sleek interiors were used to enhance spaces and airiness. A touch of vibrant yellow, natural green and earthy wood gave the clicn a little depth. Keeping in mind the budget, we used glass panes to provide openness and aesthetic appeal. 

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