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Office for Eyewa

Offices for Eyewear Retail Brand

Eyewa is a colorful yet aesthetic eyewear brand in the UAE. Eyewa's office in Dubai needed a design style that is colorful and where industrially-exposed elements were celebrated.

Integrating the colorful and fun nature of the brand, the ceilings were spray-painted in the theme colors of brand offerings.
Writable walls and projector walls were proposed to obtain functional yet clean aesthetics. Acoustic artwork and lights
were envisioned for noise control.

Raised carpet floors and functional furniture with floor boxes ensured wire management. Seating was proposed all-white to balance the colorful theme and facilitate multi-use. Balancing the existing strong industrial nature of space with brand colors and creating a flexible aesthetic was a necessity to design the reception space. Hence an interesting stair was considered to be a backdrop to a curved reception table and boost the reception area. 
Additionally, parallel walls are painted in brand colors so as to highlight the double height of the space while the central wall was painted white to create a backdrop for colorful furnishing, signage, and display.

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