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Saibaa Restaurant
Dubai, UAE

The Saibaa restaurant is known for its Maharashtrian delicacies in India and Dubai. They wanted to move to provide a contemporary fine dining experience with the opening of this new and fresh venture. The intention was to target a global audience and provide a culinary experience that delights in seafood but is not limited to it.

Starting with a fresh approach, we intended to provide a rich, unique outlook that attracts people of all cultures and from various strata of society. It was important we create a space that fuses the international style along with the traditional Indian style. The balance between the two was essential to attract the audience. We also felt the restaurant must have subtle hints of Indian origin hence that was manifested in the form of colors, textures, and intricacy. 

The materials are thought such that they render warmth as well as a lively feel to the environment. The maintenance and functional aspects of a fine dining restaurant were also thought of in the layout, color scheme, materials, and textures. A gorgeous shade of orange texture paint was used combined with powder blue, warm wood, and dark grey furniture. Orange entailed and connected with the colorful and aromatic culture of India while other delicate shades tied with the international feel. We utilized jaalis, panels, and intricate motifs to manifest India. Circular hanging lights in SS finish combined with planters gave a fresh look to the space. Abstract art was proposed with an Indian touch to showcase the roots and inspiration of the restaurant. 

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